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AMS offer the very best in Digital Signage Systems, with the ability to impress your visitors and inform and motivate employees; broadcast and stream real time high impact, dynamic, full motion visual content on any flat screen or touch screen display device. Deliver visual messaging on demand, add, change & update content quickly with ease either locally or remotely. Digital signage offers itself to numerous markets such as business, education, government, entertainment, broadcasting, hotels, retail, healthcare and operation centres to name but a few. Sell advertising space on your signage system to capture customer’s / employee’s attention and increase brand awareness.

Our bespoke services offer unique designs and layouts to your requirements maximizing your digital signage needs. With the ability to have many different zones there is endless possibilities including live Television, RSS Feeds, Video Streaming, Flash, Text, Images, HTML and the list goes on.

AMS offer the very best in Display Devices and Signal Distribution for your Digital Signage, working with the leading brands in LCD Displays and CAT5 Distribution.

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ONELAN are the innovative developers of a cost effective, standalone ‘Digital Signage Solution-in-a-box’. The NTB displays powerful communications in high definition using live TV or video feed, RSS, HTML and Flash content all on one screen.


High quality audio and video distribution & switching equipment delivers the most comprehensive & technically advanced solutions for high performance content rich links to and from DVDs, digital TVs, cameras, laptops, PCs, projectors, HDTV, PC monitors & speakers.


The NEC Digital Signage Media Players form an integral part of the NEC Digital Signage Solution, having been designed to fit neatly and discretely within your flat panel digital signage installation.