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Sony Products

Sony PCS-1P

Multimedia videoconferencing system offering a videoconference solution from the medium sized meeting room up to the boardroom. The Sony PCS-1P itís the most natural, effective way to help you communicate more effectively whatever your business is.

Sony PCS-G50P

The Business Tool for Visual Communication
Versatile multi-point operation, hassle-free set-up, reliability and easy expansion to meet future needs.
Sony PCS-G70VP

High-end videoconferencing system that addresses all large conference rooms needs.
The PCS-G70VP is the latest high-end videoconferencing solution from Sony, offering improved audio and video on multi-point calls, as well as new capture and display features designed to complement high-end boardrooms, large conferencing centres, auditoriums and healthcare applications where high quality is essential.
Sony PCS-HG90

The PCS-HG90 delivers unsurpassed quality of the highest standards, enabling applications far beyond conventional videoconferencing. It provides true High Definition, 2-way communication in real-time between up to 4 sites via a built-in MCU.
Sony PCS-TL33P

Because business is personal. Much more personal than making contact by email or phone, videoconferencing with the Sony PCS-TL33 lets you see and speak to customers and colleagues anywhere in the world from your desk. You can develop stronger working relationships and gauge their reactions instantly - making business more responsive and productive.
Sony PCS-XG80

The new 1080i HD Sony PCS-XG80 video conferencing system delivers four times the detail of standard definitaion. With approximately four times more detail than standard definition (SD) images, the exceptional HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level. The HD video quality provided by Sony not only enhances your daily video conferences with life like images, but also lets you see details that were not before visible with SD systems - which is especially useful for applications such as product design conferences.